I recently wrote about my thoughts on the future of beer cocktails and Lady Gregory’s.  Well, recently those two came together courtesy of Brandon D.  a bartender at Lady Gregory’s.  He introduced me to a drink of his creation, the Bourbon Stout Flip.  Flip’s originate from a totally different age.  In Colonial America Flips were served not for drunkenness but for sustenance.   A mug  partially filled with a beer resembling stout or porter would be mixed with many ingredients.  Flips which often included a sweetener like honey, spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon pumpkin or even lemon.  Rum would be added as well as egg.  Then a poker from a hot fire would be immersed into the mixture and stirred.  More information on Flips can be found in Zymurgy’s September 2011 issue.

Lady Gregory’s uses the following recipe:

Pour into a shaker:

  • 1.5 oz of Bourbon Liqueur (Wild Turkey American Honey or Benjamin Prichard’s Sweet Lucy’s Bourbon Liqueur)
  • .5 oz Coffee Liqueur (Kaluha)
  • .75 oz Spiced Rum
  • Half an egg white

Dry Shake (Shake mixture without ice to make the egg frothy.)

Add ice and shake to chill.

Place one large cub of ice into a 10 oz rocks glass and pour over.  Since this is a two serving recipe a larger glass could be used with a bit more ice.

Pour into glass and top with stout or porter.  (Draft Guinness is used here.)

Tasting Notes:

Looking like chocolate milk this concoction has a warm solid feeling to it.  The spiced rum is very much the up front aroma. The egg gives the cocktail a very solid mouthfeel coating the tongue while the Guinness gives a bit of roast flavor.  The liqueur adds a nice sweet note in the middle.  Brandon says the use of Benjamin Prichard’s Sweet Lucy’s Bourbon Liqueur “stiffens the drink up a bit,” but I think the American Honey is doing just fine.   My first impression of this cocktail was I had to be drunk no way it tastes that good.  I went back stone cold sober to try it again, and yes it is that good.


Next time your in Lady Gregory’s ask for Brandon and the Bourbon Stout Flip.


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  1. Lou Bank says:

    Not a poker, verysmallbeer.com dude–a *logger*! Flip was a drink that was beer and rum, poured into a thick, ceramic mug. The barkeep had a fire going, and a metal logger in that fire. He’d thrust the red-hot logger into the mug, and the Flip would foam up. And if an argument in the bar came to blows? The barkeep would pull out the logger, bashing people with the red-hot head–hence the term “coming to loggerheads.”

    Nice meeting you!

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