Who Writes This Blog?

The author is a 30 something male with a tangential connection to the alcohol industry.  He loves beer, and has been called a beer snob, geek and czar.


Why Are You So Mysterious?

I wish to keep my identity secret.  Why?  Many food critics believe if their anonymity is blown they will receive a product or service superior to what an average consumer receives.  When possible I may divulge my identity to people in furtherance of this blog, but I prefer to not name drop if I do not have to.

Can I Send You Beer?

Uh, not right now.  I want to buy your beer off the shelf so I get what the consumers get.  I truly believe that breweries are as much responsible for their product as it leaves the door as it is when it reaches a consumers hands.  More than once I have tasted beer straight from a brewery alongside store bought beer and surprised at how much better brewery fresh beer is.  Many distributors do not properly handle the product, and knowing this can help give better feedback.


However, if there is a beer you want me to try send an email to info@verysmallbeer.com with the name, background, and availability.  Remember, it needs to be available in the Chicago market or in an area I am planning to visit.


What Does It Take To Be Reviewed?

Any bar or restaurant that has a better than average beer list that I happen to visit will likely be reviewed.  Any beer from 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die (1001 (Universe)), or beers that I feel are particularly good or significant examples of a brewing technique will also be covered.  I will not review bland, unoriginal beer.  With that being said, if I try a crappy beer I will likely post it as a way to warn others.




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