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I recently wrote about Hopleaf and how the Old Guard needs to change because of up and coming beer establishments.  Lady Gregory’s is an establishment that will give the Old Guard a run for its money.  Why?  Simply put it is just a block from Hopleaf, has friendlier service, 125 beers, good food, less crowded and allows families in the door.  Will they run Hopleaf out of business?  No.  However I picked Lady Gregory’s over Hopleaf one day just to avoid the crowd at Hopleaf.
What makes Lady Gregory’s a standout place?

Well first there is the food.  Food runs from the simple burger to the lobster mac & cheese.  I would say the Ultimate Grilled Cheese changed my view of the sandwich.  Personally I am not a huge fan of Fish & Chips, but Lady Gregory’s won me over.  As a side note the fries are hand-cut daily.  Unfortunately, I have yet to test the bellweather food of mussels, but I will get there.

Lady Gregory’s also stands out in the beverage category with a solid selection of beer.  Greeted by drafts and 100 bottles you will likely find a solid beer to drink.  I will always respect a bar that decides to not put such beers as Bud and Miller on tap in order to increase draft offerings of more craft beer.  (They are available, but in bottles.)  The beer list might not be full of unheard of beers like Hopleaf, but still well put together and rotating.  I expect to see a beer I have not seen before once in a while.  (Already happened twice.)  Drafts are available in 5, 10 and 16 ounces and almost always available in the proper beer clean glassware.

Whiskey drinkers will be glad to see an impressive array of over 300 whiskeys.  Cocktail drinkers will be similarly impressed with all juices except cranberry squeezed daily.  Beer Bitch had her favorite cosmopolitan handmade for the first time in her life and was taken aback.  I had a Stella and Lemonade Shandy and a Guinness/ Bourbon concoction as well so this place knows beer cocktails are an emerging trend.

Like the drinks and food the atmosphere shares the same thoughtfulness.  With plenty of space and different defined areas Lady Gregory’s allows you to find a spot to get comfortable whether at the bar or in the library.  Service is attentive, but when busy they will occasionally overlook a waiting customer for a moment longer than they should.  However, I attribute this to a young establishment that has yet to form a cohesive team.

What would make it better?

The menu is divided into too many pieces.  A food menu, a dessert menu, a snack menu, a kids menu, a small beverage menu and a large beverage menu.  I was there six times before I even knew they had a big drink menu.  Service is very good but do have a couple small flaws.  For one the food runners to never know what table ordered what food.  Often in limited English I am asked if I ordered something to only tell a confused food runner he has the wrong table.  Bartenders are attentive, but have a bad habit of occasionally overlooking patrons at peak times.  That is a common problem in most Chicago bars, and I hope someone teaches them how to scan the crowd better.

Overall Lady Gregory’s is the kind of place you can watch a game with friends or relax with your family.  Plenty of beer and spirits keep the visit interesting and the food will be sure to leave you satisfied.





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