Beer cocktails will be the next big thing in beer.  The beermosa is a take on the mimosa.  Mimosa’s are composed of two parts orange juice to one part champagne.  I can not take credit for working up this beermosa recipe.  Bro came across a variety of beermosas at a local restaurant and served her own recipe at our annual Memorial Day brunch.  The recipe calls for a one to one ratio of beer to orange juice.  Bro recommends Samuel Adams Summer Ale for the beer.  Just about any wheat or Belgian style may work I think you need to look for a couple key ingredients to pull it off.   Wheat beers made with hints of orange or some other citrus will likely compliment the flavor of juice.  I also recommend you experiment when you have a chance.  Remember a bottle can easily equal two or three drinks allowing you to play around with the ratio of beer to orange juice.

Cheers to another delicious breakfast drink!


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