So Bro just left from another of out beer tastings.  We did seven beers tonight.  Which means we split seven.  Overall, I am a happy with the outcome.


Why do a tasting?

It’s cheap.  Simply put Bro and I contribute a few beers each and we try each others selections.  We have both made some recent journeys, her to Wisconsin and myself to Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky.  We each returned with some not often seen beer.  We brought back some six packs and set aside a bottle to share or share a 22 oz bottle.  This allows us to expand our beer knowledge beyond our personal budgets.  I did not have to shell out for an entire six pack of New Glarus Stone Soup.  This is advantageous because 1) I am not a huge Abbey style fan and 2) I wouldn’t have bought a six pack of an abbey anyways. Bro got the benefit of me having too much fun in an Ohio Liquor store and we both go home happy.  Of the eight beers she had 4 and I thought 5 of the 8 were worth trying again for sure.  A sixth I want to try again to be sure about, but thats one of the 6-packs I had anyways.  Check out the pic of the aftermath of a beer tasting.  In the future I will give tips on how to put together a beer tasting.



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