Sweet Potato Ale from Hamburger Mary’s is one of those fruit/ vegetable beers you do not expect to see when walking into a bar. Bro gave me the heads up on this one and she said I really needed to try it.  We headed over recently and ordered a couple bottles.  Bro really liked the beer, I did not.  Then again I think sweet potatoes are icky so it was a long shot.

Like all Mary’s Special Reserves it was poured from a bottle resulting in a deep amber color as it filled a globe glass with a thick head.  The beer had a sweet aroma with cinnamon, nutmeg, and sweet potato.  The sweet potato carried through in the flavor with a bit of brown sugar and caramel.  A fizzy medium bodied beer is not one that could be drank all night,  but could easily be enjoyed by a person who likes sweet potatoes.

I tried to find out what type of base beer it was and the ingredients.  The server politely explained that since he was not the brewer he can not tell me anything about the beer.  I though this was a shame.  If the brewer took the time to write a short spiel on house beer and kept it at the serving station it would enhance the brand.  In reality I tip better when servers know their stuff.  Instead, the beer drinker leaves feeling a bit left short.

In conclusion, if you like sweet potato and you are in the neighborhood this is a beer worth sitting down to, and if your like me and you think it icky they have plenty of others to choose from.


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