Black Lager

In Chicago and possibly a few other markets Guinness did a test run of a black lager under the Guinness name.  Guinness is an iconic brand and one that does not seem to have the negative connotations of Miller, Bud etc. in the craft brew community.  In fact, I think that many of us in a bar without a craft selection, would likely default to Guinness.  Guinness is so iconic you likely think only of the Irish Dry Stout, and probably forget the brewery name is St. James Gate.  I checked beeradvocate’s list of beers bearing Guinness and found a Bitter Draft, and an Irish Red.  These are the only other times the Guinness name has been placed on a label that was not a stout.

Given that these are both dark beers and Guinness is on the label I thought it would be fun to compare stout to lager.  I know this is almost like apples and oranges, but they put the name on it.  Special thanks to Bro for helping compare the two.

Stout on Left Lager on Right



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