Bell’s Brewery of Kalamazoo, Michigan produces Best Brown Ale in bottles, draft and mini-keg.  It is sold in the Fall and Winter and has a shelf life of six months.  Shelf life?  We all remember Anheuser-Busch’s born on dates and claims that after 90 days the beer goes in the trash.  While 90 days holds true for some beers, especially lagers others can hang on longer.  At the end of the six months will this beer suddenly sour?  Probably not, but its taste will certainly drop off.


Tasting Notes:

Poured into a becker glass, Best Brown Ale has a khaki head and brown body, with hints of ruby.  A light nose of sweetness and a very slight hint of grassy hops.  Roast malt followed by a bit of cocoa and then spicy hops with lingering notes of chocolate.  Best Brown is a very smooth ale with a body to heavy for the Summer, but not heavy enough for the deep Winter.  Best Brown however, is perfect for Fall.



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