Another in the Series based off of the book 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die (1001 (Universe)).

Yes I know I been drinking a lot of Stone lately, but Beer Bitch got me the glassware and I felt like the glasses needed to be used properly.  Arrogant Bastard according to my 1001 book is the best selling craft beer.  I like Stone for a couple of reasons.  One, Stone does not use cascade hops making them the outcast of brewing.  I love cascade hops, but Stone is crafty enough to produce some great hoppy flavors without it.  Secondly, they make beer, well that is arrogant.  Stone makes beer with flavor, and their phoilosphy is if you dont like it, don’t drink it.

Tasting notes
Poured with a good head, deep red in color with solid lacing.  Big Bold flavor with hops saying “How do you do?”  Actually leaves a tingle on the roof of the mouth.  A rich maltiness is also present.


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  2. […] are two main reasons: attitude and marketing. Often these two work together.  Take a look at Arrogant Bastard.  The beer is so bold that when it was initially made it would have been called an arrogant […]

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