Yes, I said a bottle thermometer.  I do not use this tool everyday, but a thermometer comes in handy when you are trying to get the best tasting result of a particular beer.  I try to use the thermometer before writing any beer review.  I feel I owe it to the brewer to serve the beer at the proper temperature before I give my thoughts.  Also, if I am opening a pricey beer it gets a little more special treatment.  I know person after person who insists on the proper glassware for each beer they drink, yet many take a beer straight out of an ice cold cooler or sub 40F degree refrigerator and drink away.  Many beers, especially more complex ones, benefit from being in the 50-55F degree range.  In some cases temperature is suggested on a bottle or you can consult style guidelines for proper temperature.  I would say most beer should be consumed in the 45-50F degree range and barrel aged beers are likely best in the 50-55F range.

The Menu wine bottle thermometer measures the temperature of the bottle or can and not the beer itself.  The beer inside is likely one degree cooler.  The device will sit flush with almost every bottle or can style with the exception of longneck bottles.  In order to get it to sit flush I wrap a rubber band around it to hold it tight.

Is this a tool for everyone?  No.  If you are really, really, really into beer (or an evaluator) I suggest putting it on a birthday list.  If you can not justify buying one do yourself a favor and at least let your beer sit on the counter a few minutes before pouring.


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