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La Folie 2011

La Folie Sour Brown Ale started as an experiment at New Belgium with the first batch produced in 2000.  Aged in French Oak barrels, La Folie is New Belgium’s first barrel-aged beer.  Due to the barrel aging process, it is impossible to produce a beer with the exact same characteristics for every batch. Color normally varies as do subtle flavors from year to year.  Even barrels from the same distillery, winery or manufacturer will have minor differences.  Regardless of changes each year, La Folie is worth grabbing.


Tasting Notes:

Poured myself a glass of this 2011 vintage chilled to 55F from the bottle into a tulip glass.  Deep red in color with an off white head which did not stay long, and surprisingly little lacing.  Aromas of vinegar, sour cherry and very faint horse-blanket.  I love the horse-blanket smell so I do wish there was more.  Be prepared for that pinch in your cheeks as this beer is sour.  Flavors of cherry, wood, and some malt coat the tongue in this medium bodied and lightly carbonated beer.  If you like sour beer, La Folie is for you.


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