Stemmed Tulips are a fancy little glass.  Like  other specialty glassware they typically look more expensive than they really are.  The name is based on the silhouette of a tulip and is evident when you look at the glass in profile.  The glass has a wider bottom allowing beer to spread out and have more surface area to release aromas.  The middle of the glass curves in concentrating the aromas.  Finally, although I have yet to find someone else to say this, I think the the curved out rim on tulips actually bends your lip down and changes the way the beer hits your tongue.

Tulips are usually appropriate for Belgian and French beers especially Lambic, Gueze and Saison.





  1. […] myself a glass of this 2011 vintage chilled to 55F from the bottle into a tulip glass.  Deep red in color with an off white head which did not stay long, and surprisingly little […]

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