The most basic rule to drinking beer is get it out of the bottle.  I do not care if you drink beer from a mason jar, a shaker pint or martini glass.  Pouring beer will create a head.  Even if this head vanishes instantly it creates aromas.  The majority of taste is derived from aroma.  Now if you do not care to taste your beer I recommend buying Natty Light; it is much cheaper and can be drank from the can.  The only exception to this is outdoor activities that may not permit drinking from a glass, but I do have a plastic pint glass if I need one.

Rinser Tray

The second rule is that the glass must be beer clean.  I think if you are intelligent enough to read this then you understand the hygiene requirements.  What you likely do not understand is how your dishwasher is ruining your beer.  Never ever put beer glasses in a dishwasher.  It is evil.  A dishwasher will leave a thin film on the glass and inhibit the head from forming.  I know you are all thinking about those bar dishwashing machines.  These machines are designed for a bar setting and in a good beer bar there is almost always a rinser tray.  This rinse will remove what film is left and properly condition the glass.


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