I said in my Beermosa article I believe beer cocktails will play a large role in the future of beer and here is why.  The slow food movement has gained steam.  The concept of slow food is food made with less preservatives, fresh and in many cases sustainable.  Slow Food USA was in part founded by Garrett Oliver the brewer at Brooklyn Brewing Co.  Consumers are not just clamoring for craft beer, but also artisanal goods like bread, cheese and spirits.  Fritz Maytag founded Anchor Brewing Co. and also started distilling spirits.  He is not alone with Rogue Brewing, Lakefront Brewing Co. and others have also begun distilling operations.  Most brewpubs, beer bars and higher end establishments are increasing their focus on these artisanal goods.  Where can they take it next?  By combining as many of these things as possible.  Spirits and beer can be the next thing on the cutting edge.

While many see beer cocktails as the new trend in actuality it very old.  Different forms of beer cocktails have been around for generations.  Many taste better than my college favorite of Flaming Dr. Peppers that combined beer, amaretto and 151 proof rum.  I still do not know how we did not set ourselves on fire as we dropped flaming shot glasses into pints of beer.  (Disclaimer: Do Not Try This At Home)  More appropriate cocktail options include the Berliner Weisse (Sour Wheat Beer & Syrup), Black and Tan (Pale Ale & Stout or Porter), Black Velvet (Stout & Sparkling Wine), Shandy (Beer & Citrus Soda), Snakebite (Lager & Cider), Michelada (Lager & Tomato Juice).  Some of these drinks date back hundreds of years.  Cocktails are in no way a new trend, but like vintage clothes they are coming back in style.

Come back often as I take you through some of these recipes, and occasionally something that is a bit off the wall.  Unfortunately, Beer Bitch has banned the Flaming Dr. Peppers.





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