A few months after that Wheatmiser I discussed last week I was broke and out of work.  I saw an advertisement in the free newspaper about a beer and cheese pairing at Binny’s Beverage, a local liquor store.  The featured speaker was Garrett Oliver.  I cannot honestly remember if the event was $5 or $10, but I was so broke I discussed the expense of going with Beer Bitch and really debating the value of it. I took the train and walked the last mile to avoid the cost of a bus transfer.

If you have ever seen Mr. Oliver he always shows up in the blazer with a Brooklyn Brewery logo and I thought great I spent my life savings to hear a pretentious SOB hear himself talk.  Then he opened his mouth, and well, he is anything but my first thought.  What followed was a great speech and explanation of five beer and cheese pairings.  He explained everything to us in a building block format to make sure we comprehended the concept from beginning to end.  Without that lecture I might never of become the beer blogger I am today.  People asked questions and he never turned one down.  I asked him what basic concepts I should know as someone who is just starting to pair beer and food.

At the end of the event Beer Bitch came to pick me up.  I begged her to let me buy a six pack or two of Brooklyn to take home.  As I was deciding what to buy, the brewery rep came and got me.  She said “Mr. Oliver would like to talk to you.”  Seriously I was dumbfounded this highly accomplished brewer wants to talk to scrawny poor little me?  I went over and he asked me my name, told me to keep asking the right questions, and gave me an autographed copy of his book, The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food.  This was a rough time in my life and the validation he gave me can not be put into words.  By this point in my life I had backpacked through mountains, earned multiple diplomas many with honors accolades, amongst a host of accomplishments my mother could rattle off, but I felt so unsuccessful back then this one act brightened my world.

I have spoken to Garrett Oliver a few times since then.  He does not remember me from that day, and I do not expect him to.  I do remember him and what he did for me.  In repayment to him could you do me a favor and buy his book? 


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