After my run in with Garrett Oliver (see here) I delved into craft beer with no end in sight.  I used to scrape together enough change to go to Goose Island for a beer.  After I got to know the bartenders they would occasionally let a free one would slide my way.  I do not think Beer Bitch knew how often I went and I am scared to tell her.  I was pretty broke, but I found a place I could call home.  Goose became a place I could sit and talk and not worry.

As my finances improved I started to go to their beer academies.  I made regular pilgrimages there for years until Wil left.  After he left it was never the same.  Prices went up, pours were smaller, and quality began to suffer.  However, for the years I went I made a number of friends.  I can not tell you how ingrained the craft beer circle has become in my life.  I frequently get together with people I met at Goose and will always fondly look upon my time there fondly.How has craft beer made an impact in your life?


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