I do not know if it was the holidays or the fact that I am getting older, but I decided to write a series of posts about memorable moments in my craft beer life.  Some of these moments where sad, others happy.  The posts are not meant to be a sob story, but rather a reflection on how craft beer and the community that exists formed me into a psychotic beer snob with a blog.

My first brush with craft beer was at a now defunct Thirsty Dog brewpub.  I cannot remember why we went out, but I was with my older cousin.  I ordered a Raspberry Leghumper.  I can understand if your laughing at my 21-year-old self right now.  I was not a fan of strong beers and figured the raspberry would take the edge off, and leghumper sounded funny.  I remember liking the beer, but thought a place like Thirsty Dog was a rarity.  I had no clue microbreweries existed all over the place.  I went back to drinking Coors Light and then Bud Light, although I mocked people at college parties who served Natty Light.

A few years went by and Beer Bitch and I parted ways for graduate school.  Knowing I wasn’t happy about being in a long distance relationship she tried to find fun stuff to do when I visited her in Chicago.  So she took me to Goose Island.  She told me she heard about this sampler thing where I could try a whole bunch of beer in little glasses.  We had a waitress whose name escapes me, but I know she worked as their trainer serving and was very knowledgeable.  She made a few suggestions and it was love at first sip.  For a couple years after that I would keep Honkers Ale on hand and split time between it and Bud Light.  I wanted more craft beer, but just did not have the money.  Goose became this inexplicable force in my life and provided  the backdrop for the most pivotal moments in my life.

Everybody has a first craft beer.  When was your first?


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