The Huffington Post is currently asking readers to submit photos to a series titled: The Most Ridiculous Beer Names Of All Time.  Unfortunately, there is no discussion regarding why some brewers use unusual or offensive names.  I think there are two main reasons: attitude and marketing. Often these two work together.  Take a look at Arrogant Bastard.  The beer is so bold that when it was initially made it would have been called an arrogant bastard by acquaintances.  Seriously, who has not meet a bold, ignorant offensive guy and not at least muttered arrogant bastard under your breath.  At the same time though a name like this is guaranteed to capture the eye of a young man pursuing the beer aisle.  Other beers I think are named purely for publicity.  Polygamy Porter from Wasatch Brewpub and Brewery in Park City, Utah had to know this name was going to stir up a debate when released.  More than once reports have surfaced about the advertising of their beer.  This generates so much free publicity that if you have the creative mind to name the beer a crazy name why not?

Head over to Huffington Post check out the photos and have a good laugh.  Also, maybe it is just me, but I think most of the naughty names come out over the holiday season so go get a drink too!




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