Ok, so for those of you who do not know Beer Bitch has planned some sort of Epic BeerCation.  I am calling it Epic 2010.  She claims to have produced a book of 140 pages in length to serve as a guide.  I am notorious about researching breweries prior to my arrival.  When I went to Kona last spring I knew off the top of my head which beer to order, to pair with which dish to eat and which souvenir glass to buy.

So first off, follow my trip: https://twitter.com/verysmallbeer

On this trip I know nothing.  She has not divulged very many details.
Here is what we know:

  1. Everyone knows but me
  2. The trip will be 3 days
  3. 140 pages of material
  4. Several beers in the 1001 series
  5. Beer Bitch just bought a luggage scale
  6. Cans
  7. Sustainability
Originally, I thought it was Madison.  However, she bought a luggage scale.  We do not travel by air often so that implied to me checked bags.  The next airfare I have is November and she just doesn’t think that far ahead.  She kept saying it was gonna blow my mind.  So my prediction is I will be a short driving distance to the two largest brewers in the US, but only one of the ten biggest craft brewers.  Where do you think I am going?
Note: Regardless of where we end up I promise to be grateful.



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