The other day I discovered a great app called Stitcher Radio.  Available on iPhone, Android, Palm and Backberry this app is for every phone and person.  Remember when you had to download podcasts to a computer and then transfer them to your phone or mp3 player?  Stitcher Radio eliminates all of that and lets you stream podcasts instantly to your phone.  You can also set up a “playlist” of podcasts and Stitcher streams them when you are ready.

So why am I writing about a non-beer app?  Well I was browsing around the podcast categories and noticed up “Lifestyles and Health” a subcategory “Beer Brewing”.  Hmmmm…. Small Time Drinker might be on board with this.  I have listened to a few of the podcasts and they have been pretty good.  There are plenty of beer (and non beer) podcasts to choose from.  You could easily fill your daily commute or workday with beer knowledge.  If you can’t drink during your commute or workday, you can at least think and learn about your favorite craft brew!


The Technical Stuff:

Stitcher Radio was downloaded on May 23, 2011 on a Verizon iPhone 4.  You can also use Stitcher Radio online.  Registration is required but the app is free to download and use.


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