A cold has stopped me in my tracks, and I am unable to properly review beer and locations for the last few days.  However, I want to take a moment to tell you all what is happening and going to happen with the site.

First, thank you for reading.  Since going public I have had over 1,200 articles read.  Way more than I thought would happen and visits have been above average for food and drink blogs.  Most visits come from the U.S. but I did break out a map to see where Estonia and Mauritius are located.  Also, a pretty vibrant Japanese readership has developed.  Please leave comments.  I love reading what people think.

What is coming in the blog?

  1. Turn it into a site.  The blog will remain the focus, but I will start building in resources for readers to dig deeper into some topics.
  2. Re-tagging all beer posts to include style.  This will allow readers to see all beers in their chosen style with one click on the tag cloud.
  3. Comprehensive list of all beer reviewed on the site on a dedicated page.
  4. Location reviews.
  5. Comprehensive list of all locations reviewed in the blog on a dedicated page.
  6. Mission statement, biography, and contact information.
  7. Anything people leave in comments that I think is doable.
I also got a few surprises up my sleeve, but not ready to make them public yet.  Please keep coming back.  I hope to continue the habit of daily updates and giving you a worthwhile read.  Thanks for reading!





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