I feel it is only fair to do a overall postmortem of the week as a whole and I plan on writing individual event revues.  While I did not have a problem with any particular event I did take some issue with the communication skills of the organizing committee.  I already addressed most of the concerns here and here.  I think some of their plans were brilliant in concept but flawed in execution.  The smartphone app was the best idea, but was not released until right before the event, and many of the event’s date and time information was not correct.  What was done right?  I do not think I was disappointed in any of the events I went to, and I had a lot of great beer.

Which Events Did I Go To?

  • Beer Under Glass
  • Rock Bottom Pig-Out Under the Stars
  • Pizza Port Night!
  • Used My Passport at Hamburger Mary’s
  • Rogue Beer Dinner
  • 5 Rabbit Night At Map Room



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