Shaker pints are nice.  They are practical, cheap, and available with every logo possible.  But what if you are looking for something unique and different?  Take your drinking experience to a new level with one of these glassware choices:

Port a Pint

Never be caught off guard.  The Port a Pint folds down and stores in a plastic case and is small enough to fit in your pocket.  Small Time Drinker and I are taking this on vacation with us this Winter so we are always prepared.



Hopside Down GlassHopside Down Beer Glass

This glass looks a bit boring when empty.  Empty the beer bottle and the bottle shape appears in the glass.  Ironic, I suppose.  The Hopside Down Beer Glass is double walled to keep your beer cold.



Recycled Beer Glasses Recycled Beer Glasses

Embrace your inter treehugger and feel good about the environment.  These hand blown beer glasses are made from recycled building and vehicle glass.  The original tint of the glass gives each glass a unique look.




Drinking with wine snobs?  Don’t worry, you can be classy too.  The Winestein is a double wall mug with the appearance of a wine mug with the trusty handle of a beer mug.




Painted Beer GlassPainted Beer Glass

Are you an optimist?  Is the glass always half full to you?  The Lolita Pilsner Beer Glass is always full, even if you are running on empty.  I suppose you can’t judge the color and appearance this way, but sometimes you just want to drink!




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  1. Beer Bitch says:

    Thanks to STD’s brother for getting him Hopside Down Beer Glass for Christmas. It looks awesome!

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