This summer you need more than a grill, lawn chair, and cold beer.  Check out my list of favorite summer beer accessories.

  1. The Plastic Pint Glass – Warm weather is not an excuse to ditch your glass.  They might not make all styles of glasswear in plastic, but they do make the pint glass.  Small Time Drinker bummed around Hawaii using this acrylic pint glass from Kona.  Cost: about $4 – 5
  2. The Beer Cozy – You probably have tons of free can cozies from your college drinking days.  If you are going to drink out of a bottle, class it up a bit with your favorite brewery cozy.  Many breweries also carry a cozys made of neoprene featuring their craft brews.  Check the Kona Brewing’s cozy here or head over to  For the Chicago Cubs fans- this cozy is perfect for the Wrigley.  Cost: about $6 – 10
  3. The Six-Pack Holder – Nothing sucks more than your perfectly chilled beer warming up on the way to a friend’s bbq.  We are a big fan of the six-pack holder from Great Lakes Brewing Company.  Also made of neoprene, it perfectly fits 6 standard size beer bottles and keeps them chilled.  The holder is lightweight, keeps the bottles in place and prevents them clinking together, and folds down after you finished off the beers.  It is also washable in case (heaven forbid) you spill beer on it.  You can also purchase a six-pack holder at amazon.comCost:  about $20 – 25
  4. The Sauce – Try out your favorite beer flavored sauces on the grill.  A great sauce is the Stone Smoked Porter.  You should also check out Sierra Nevada’s mustard line for your brats.  Cost:  $7 for the bbq sauce and $3.50 for the mustard
  5. The Can – If you are out in about at the golf course or the pool, grab a beer in a can.  Nothing is worse than drinking out of a metal bottle.  Canning is also more sustainable than glass bottles, so help out mother earth while you enjoy a cold one.  Some of Small’s favorite summer can beers:



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