You may have noticed Beer Bitch has taking over most of the writing the last couple weeks.  While she was furiously typing, I have been furiously coding the website for a number of improvements.  The first I am sure you all see right now.  Look left.  See that column full of social media?  Please share this site.  If you use a sharing service and it is not offered on the site let us know.  If we can incorporate it, we will.

Last week one person shared one article.  Traffic jumped way up and we saw an overnight doubling of average daily visitors.  Whether you Facebook, Tweet, Stumble or Digg,  help spread the word about better beer.






  1. KatieGracie says:

    I haven’t been to the website in awhile. I read the tweets… This is so much cooler and more legit than previously. I +1’d and “liked” your site.

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