Last week I talked about American Craft Beer Week, but this week I want to talk about a local event, Chicago Craft Beer Week.  Why do I like Chicago Beer Week?

The first thing I like about Chicago Craft Beer Week is the ownership.  This is our week.  This is the week for our people our town and our beer.

Secondly, the people come.  Each year there seems to be a distribution announcement by another big brewery in Chicago.  Famous brewers also come in and put on dinners and tastings, or randomly just show up in a bar.

You can expect events at brewery in the city and suburbs.  Also, many of the beer bars will likely be holding events paired with local and out of town breweries.  I will try to post updates on some of the better events here, but you should head on over to the Chicago Craft Beer Week website and sign up for email updates.

What else can you expect:

  • Passport for sale on April 26 for exclusive events
  • iPhone App to guide you also available April 26 (no word on an Android version so may trade phones with Beer Bitch)
  • Rumors of Chicago History Museum Events
  • 80 participating establishments






  1. Mateus says:

    I have been to the Weyerbacher brewery. They do great tasnitg events every Saturday. But probably not worth a special trip to Easton, unless you plan to hit the Crayola factory and Larry Holmes’ house in the same trip.

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