I thought I would start this blog out with a little bit about what this is about. Of course this be about beer, the bars and probably some food.  I recently obtained 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die (Hardcover) so this will in part be about me working through that book.  I also decided I shall try to pursue becoming a Cicerone.  A Cicerone is a person who has passed examinations in beer and is a true expert at beer.  Also, come fall I will start home brewing as well.


Now that you know where I am going where have I been? Well all over the place. I try about two or three hundred beers a year maybe more. I also travel to a lot of breweries. As far east as DC and west to Kona with stops in the middle. I have procured most styles of beer glasses and keep about 30 different varieties of beer on hand to meet my mood. Hell I even once drank a beer with Fritz Maytag. I guess you could really say I really have been everywhere.



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