This months Wine Enthusiast Magazine, contained their list of the top 25 beers of the year.  I find it striking that  they take the time to review beer, and apparently do it on a regular basis.  When was the last time you picked up All About Beer or Draft Magazine and saw a five page spread on something that was not beer?  I took some time to go through the list, and it is diverse: light/ dark/ American/ Czech/ Belgian and covers a variety of beer styles.  Unfortunately, I can only claim to have had eight of these brews.

We in the beer community get very focused on our beer.  Now I am a huge beer fan obviously, but Sunday nights I usually have a glass of scotch.  When I cook a fancy dinner for someone it usually requires a bottle of wine, and I keep a cocktail recipe book right next to my beer books.  I am not suggesting the magazines above change their format, and I will likely not change my format.  However, I do think it is important to remember there are a lot of people out there who just dabble in craft beer.  Dabbling is not a bad thing; it is certainly important enough for Wine Enthusiast to make it an article, and why arn’t you dabbling in something besides beer?




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