Indiana is one of the few states with a state wide ban on Sunday alcohol sales.  Not a problem I suppose unless 1) You are not from Indiana and didn’t know about it, or 2) it is Superbowl Sunday and you failed to adequately prepare.  The 2012 Superbowl is being held in Indianapolis which means a massive amount of crazy fans filling up the streets of downtown and drinking their livers away.

Bud Light has their Superbowl packaging and 16 oz. aluminum bottles ready, but Superbowl Sunday is the time for craft breweries to shine.  Under Senate Bill 75 (went into effect July 4, 2010) craft breweries can sell beer they brewed on premise.  This means you can buy  bottles or growlers of Three Floyds at the brew pub, but not at the grocery store.  Keep this in mind in case you need to send a sober friend to stock up on more liquid goodness for your party.


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  1. Bob Mack says:

    Just a note or two – it is legal to buy beer on Sunday to drink on-site. So bars, restaurants, etc. are going to be selling everyday. And if you walk outside with a single drink, that’s legal. You can drink it outside if you like walking down the street.

    Brewers can sell carryout on Sunday and there are 5 in the relative downtown area including Flat12, Sun King, Fountain Square Brewing, Ram and Rock Bottom.

    The #IndianaBeer hashtag should be very useful when looking for Indiana beers during Super Bowl week in Indianapolis!

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