American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) is a way to set aside a special time to celebrate craft beer.  Personally I think every week should be beer week, but the powers that be decided we need a dedicated national time.  ACBW is not the same as your local city or state beer weeks, although usually they have the same goals.

What is the point of ACBW?
Honestly, I do not know the behind the scene reason.  The Brewer Association’s website states ACBW is “an exciting opportunity for small and independent craft brewers and the community of better beer retailers to feature craft beer in their community.”

Do not get me wrong, I love local beer weeks, but a national event just seems lackluster.  The establishments holding events should be featuring craft beer everyday.  There is no reason to wait until May to do so.  I  started thinking about this and determined it is not about getting a guy to try a beer or to hold events in breweries, although those are great things and part of ACBW.  I think what is really behind ACBW is a chance to pressure establishments to sell more craft beer and host related events.  It is really about a brewery rep walking into a bar and talking about this big national week and trying to get a Miller or AB product off draft and a craft beer on.  Believe it or not, there are still a lot of bars that will not ditch macro beer or open the door to craft beer.

For what it is worth, you should see a slight bump in the craft beer scene in your area May 16-22, 2011.  If you are reading this after May, note in your calendar that ACBW is always middle May.  Come back next week for a discussion of local beer weeks and how they can change your life, or at least get you drunk.

A constantly updated list of ACBW events.


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