While Epcot features a wide selection of beer, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is less than stellar.  The restaurants that do sever alcohol offer the expected Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, Samuel Adams, Heineken, Corona, Blue Moon, and Stella Artois.  If you want a beer, stick with an East coast favorite on draft, Yuengling.  Mama Melroses, an Italian Restaurant, limited their selection to the Italian-brewed Moretti.  The upscale Brown Derby, which offers a $290 bottle of champagne, even had a limited, but decent selection.  Keeping with the upscale theme, Budweiser and Coors were not offered.  Instead Brown Derby serves Kirin Ichiban, Trois Pistoles Ale, Tucher Kristal Weizen, La Fin Du Monde Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale and a few others.

Hollywood Studios contains an extensive wine list, and it would be nice to see beer make a larger presence on the menu, at least in bottles.


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