Yesterdays Brewers Association newsletter had a story by brewer Matt Van Wyk on the Black IPA name debate.  Van Wyk currently of Oakshire Brewing, and formerly of Flossmoor Station Brewing Company where I bottled earlier this week is an excellent brewer.  Please stop go read his article here and come back.  Thank you.

He raises six points towards the end of his article on why all the other names suck.  While agree with him.  Cascadian is wrong for a very similar reason.  He points out that many of the assumptions in the other names are confusing to the novice drinker.  His argument for the Cascadian name relies heavily on the Cascadian region being the cradle of this beer.  While a decent point, he forgets that most drinkers from novice to expert will likely assume Cascade Hops must be an ingredient.  It is a common ingredient, but not a required ingredient.  A decision to go with this name may confuse a number of people, and in the end may force the style into requiring cascade hops.

While a number of names have been thrown out there, and none seem to suffice. I propose four alternatives:

  1. Hopped Black Ale
  2. Hopped Dark Ale.
  3. American Black Ale
  4. American Dark Ale

I know you will likely think it sounds stupid, but do you have a better idea?





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