The Little Black Book Of Beer provides a concise, easy to read, review of all the beer basics.  At approximately four by six inches this truly is a little black book.  Additionally, this was my first beer book.  I found it so useful getting started that I bought one for Bro as her first beer book.  A quick review of the history of beer both internationally and the unique history of the U.S. give readers an appreciation of where beer has come from and where it is going.  The author also takes the reader through the basics of tasting, storage, and even ordering beer.

One to two page reviews of different beer styles makes up the bulk of this book.  In each style review you learn the region of origin, common variations, alcohol by volume, characteristics, beers of each style to try, and food pairings.  The characteristics section has a basic history of the style as well as color, aroma and flavor profile you should expect.  There is a pretty solid glossary in the back.

I would say this book is a must for those getting started in beer.  The style guide provides an excellent background but is not serious enough for a brewer or beer judge.  Beer connoisseurs may find this book a bit beneath them, but I still use it from time to time for a quick fact check.  The compact size has allowed me to take it with me on many of my adventures like Denver for reference on the go.



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