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Oskar Blues Makes Canned Goodness

Dale’s Pale Ale by Oskar Blues is quite possibly one of my most favorite beers.  When Beer Bitch took me to Colorado, she had me guess where we were going.  My answer- “Let’s go see Dale and drink his Pale Ale.”  Oskar Blues is a true pioneer in craft brewing.  Why? They CAN, stupid, and they were the first to can craft beer.  Oskar Blues was the pioneer in the can movement and backs that up with a superb line of beer.  Dale’s Pale Ale won the World Beer Cup 2010 Gold along with a host of other awards.  I only regret they do not distribute here in Illinois.  (Hey Mr. Katechis Chicago is a big juicy sales market.)  However, a six pack made it back in my suitcase. I now only open a can with the greatest reverence as I do not want to let one go.

Tasting Notes:  Copper in color with a foam head, and very decent lacing.  You can definitely smell the citrus and bready notes.  The beer tastes like nectar of the gods.  Ok, Ok, maybe I have a man crush on this beer.  Seriously it is almost fruit juice in quality, with a bitterness you feel in your cheeks.  A dryer finish that leaves you craving more.

If this beer is available in your market go buy it.


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