So my girlfriend is my Beer Bitch.  Yes my Masters degree, Top 25 school, uber-professional girlfriend decided one day she wanted to be called Beer Bitch.  This is why thats awesome.

How did she get the name? She offered to be called Beer Bitch and fetch beer on a trip with my parents.

Why does she deserve the name? Actually I think this might of been the perfect name for her at birth. She knows as much about beer as I do. Miraculously, she doesn’t drink it.  She can pair beer and food, tell you what aromas and flavors to expect.  Yeah thats right she knows it all, but never touches my beer. She allows me to have a beer cabinet, she has bought about half my glass collection for me.  Goes on business trips and brings back beer.  She knows which beers I have not had and which I have (the number I have had is in the several hundreds).

Even better she DDs like no one else.  She makes sure I get on a couple serious bar crawls in each yeah.  In fact next week she is taking me on a three day unspecified journey that she describes as “Epic.”  Why is this Epic?  Honestly I do not know.  However, she has leaked the fact that she has prepared a 50 page guidebook to breweries and their beers to be covered throughout the tour, and that at least 20 beers I have never seen before will be on it.  She also claims I will have some serious material to write about when we get back.

So yes she wears the name Beer Bitch with pride, and yes she is my Beer Bitch.  She has made a point to learn about a hobby that is important to me, and make it something we share.  I thank her for her support of my beer adventures and for shamelessly promoting the crap out of this blog to everyone she knows.  I hope you too find yourself a Beer Bitch.


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