While Sam Adams reported trouble keeping up with demand for their beers, they have made room to produce a new product, Angry Orchard.  The hard cider is produced out of the Cincinnati, Ohio location and available in three varieties:  Apple Ginger, Traditional Dry and Crisp Apple.

Sam Adams’ quarterly report indicated they are close to peak capacity and working to resolve the issue.  A contract brewery has not been named.  Overall, sales of Boston Lager and Sam Adams light are down, a contrast to the growing sales of the seasonal brews.  Consumers are also exploring the different beers Sam Adams has to offer as 22% of the case sales were the ‘variety pack’.


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  1. Mike Dudley says:

    This is amazing. You have to hunt very hard for this in stores as they can’t keep it on the shelf. I love drinking this in the bars. Great taste

  2. Stephanie Scherer says:

    OMG its soooo good, hard to find around ohio but worth it when you do. Bartender put in a shot of raspberry vodka in the bottom of it, and it was amazing!!! 🙂

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