Since my first trip to Goose Island I asked Beer Bitch to take me back each time I came to town.  Sometimes she caved; sometimes she didn’t.  I ended up finishing my degree and moved to Chicago to be with her.  I have a day job that requires an exam.  When that was done I headed to Goose Island, and I ordered a Brew 2000 Wheatmiser.  To this day I swear this beer was the best beer I ever had in my life.  It was over this beer I reflected on a bachelors degree, a graduate degree, a move away from family and friends to be with Beer Bitch, the toughest test of my life, and searching for a job.  Sadly it was during this beer my mother called to tell me we lost my Great-Grandmother.  I look back on this beer and am amazed at the joy, pain, excitement, fear and sadness that was all summed up while drinking a solitary beer.

How about you?  Whats the best beer you ever had?


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