Starting today, and until the end of January, Very Small Beer has a contest running to win a Great Lakes Brewing Company winter hat.  This is the same knit cap you can buy in their store for $17.95.   Just so you all know this contest is not sponsored by GLBC, and the hat was purchased from their store.

How To Enter

  1. Comment on any article, anywhere on this site.  Find an article from a year ago?  Great!
  2. Include some way to contact you if you win (email or twitter is best)
  3. No Spam
  4. Must be in English
  5. You can enter as many times as you want (Just don’t be a spammer)

How You Will Win

  1. Non-spam English comments will be approved by the site moderator
  2. See the Comment Policy if you have questions
  3. On February 1, 2012 one (1) approved comment will be randomly selected as the winner
  4. If the winner fails to respond to my repeated attempts to contact them then we will have a second chance drawing

Now Go Comment!



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  1. GLBCMAS says:

    Well that is nice of you. Happy New Year!!

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  3. Cassandra Rocha says:

    very small beer sounds very yummy to me. mmm beer

  4. Beer Bro says:

    To all the ex-pats who read the blog I will be more than willing to use your prize until you return to the states!


    Great Lakes Christmas Ale better at brewery than at home!

  6. Mike T says:

    I’ve got five six packs of christmas ale chilling in the basement at home right now. I think I’m good til next November. 🙂

  7. […] While Ms. Doland is correct that the beer will stay cold, the Sküüzi does appear to solve the grip problem.  Any of my readers ever have one of these?  How did it work with a glass?  Leave a note in the comments and don’t forget comments made in January enter you to win a hat! […]

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