Tumbler, an Autumn Brown Ale, comes to us from Sierra Nevada, and has a solid malty presence.  Tumbler does not come off very hoppy, yet it has the same IBUs as Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale (37 IBUs).  I noticed a earthy, caramel aroma with some nuttiness on the first sip.  The flavor profile reflects the aroma, but with added notes of burnt sugar and a bit of smoke.

The beer is medium bodied.  I normally consider browns to be a decent summer beer, but this one is too heavy for the summer heat.  As an Autumn seasonal, that is not a problem.  Drink before the snow falls Tumbler is a bit too light for a snowy winter day.

I bought a case of this after trying a six pack.  If friends consider you a “connoisseur” , you are often expected to show up at parties and tailgates with a decent beer. Tumbler is a affordable option to take to fall festivities.  Overall, this is a nice addition to Sierra Nevada’s lineup, and I look forward to sharing it with my friends.


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