Eagle Claw Fist named after an apparent junior high style Kung Fu move is one of the seven beers in the Clown Shoes lineup.  The nice thing about a brewery with a smaller lineup is that they really work on perfecting their recipes and making a consistent product.  Eagle Claw Fist is a beer you can definitely tell they have been working on.  Close to perfect-I hope they finish the job.

Tasting Notes:

Poured a dark red with a decent head, Eagle Claw Fist left nice lacing down the side of my glass.  Aromas of citrus hops, but with a sweetness.  There was an inviting aroma.  Very bitter upfront the beer seemed to lack a malt backbone I was looking for.  A little more balance would have made this a perfect Imperial Amber Ale in my book.



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  1. Rai says:

    I can totally see how that crpeey clown scared you. I hate them too. The picture looks like it was taken from pretty far away though, so maybe Mr. Man is a little frightened as well!

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