Clown Shoes is a new brewery in the Chicago market.  When I was deciding which of the four Clown Shoes beers to buy the label on Brown Angel caught my eye.  I am not usually a sucker for labels, but I wanted to write about this one.  The label has a woman in a bikini on it.  Some breweries have been having issues with appropriateness of labels.  To me the label indicates this brewery is not concerned about the possibility of attracting negative attention.  Some other breweries like Flying Dog are in battles with regulators over labels.  While this provided an excuse for me to buy this beer; don’t worry I found excuses to buy the other three Clown Shoes beers as well.

Tasting Notes:
Poured a nice shade of brown with one finger of head.  Aromas of coffee, chocolate and sweet pine.  The flavor was a bit smokey with a bold citrus.  The hops were more present in this beer than in your typical Brown Ale.  Smooth and moderately carbonated this beer goes down easy.  While not your everyday Brown Ale if you are in the mood to explore give this one a shot.

Update: Clown Shoes’ Gregg Berman will be in Chicago tomorrow April 14.  Details here.


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