I convened my regular group of friends and a twelve pack sampler of Boulevard along with a bottle of their Tripel.  Tripel was the favorite of the night.  We all thought the name Long Strange Tripel was humorous and Nelly liked the “strange funky” of it.  This beer had a great golden color with a little bit of suspended sediment with flavors and aromas reminiscent of orange and clove.  We all agreed it was crisp, balanced, and perfect for a little bit of a warmer day.

After the Long Strange Tripel we dived into Zōn, Unfiltered Wheat, and the Amber.  Unfortunately, no one felt that these three were standout beers and Bro referred to the Wheat as a palate cleanser.  We were all in the mood for beer that made a statement and none of these did it for us.  We switched to the Pale Ale and this beer had a much better reception.  I want to be clear we are not a group of hop heads, but the hops of the Pale were a pleasant surprise.

When we made it to the Single-Wide IPA we were even more pleasantly surprised.  This beer had a floral and grapefruit aroma with a very balanced malt caramel flavor against a hoppy finish.

My personal favorite of the night is the Porter.  I do not know why, but more and more I am being drawn into porters.  Bully! Porter poured a deep brown with a nice head.  There were aromas of coffee and chocolate followed by similar flavors with a bit of bitterness.

Overall, I was impressed with Boulevard.  Our biggest complaint is every neck label except for Zōn had the exact same statement on bottle conditioning.  I wish the brewers would have taken the time to tell me something about each one of their beers making them stand out more.




  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought Boulevard’s Zon is one of the best wit’s out there. Other cool thing about Boulevard is all their 6-packs are completely covered, which offer further protection. Also a local brewer told me that Boulevard really treats their brewers very nicely.

    • SmallTimeDrinker says:

      Your comment is exactly why I think people should always take reviews with a grain of salt. What might blow one person away is lackluster for another.

      Good to know they treat their employees well. As an industry craft beer usually is a great place to work. The fact someone told you they treat them nicely tells me they must be above the rest.

      As an update I been trying the Smokestack series. Some awesome stuff in there.

      • Aldi says:

        Thanks to Eric for spreading the word! Maybe one of the rerdeas in attendance will be lucky enough to win Fuller’s Limited Edition 2010 Bottle-Conditioned Vintage Ale or some Schlafly, which is only sold around St. Louis. Call 318.255.1450 for tickets. It isn’t too late to enter the homebrew competition!

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