Several months ago Goose Island announced the end of Nut Brown.  I used to buy Nut Brown as my solid choice to pair with food, in particular, steak.  Until a year or two ago, brown ales were hard to find  in the Chicago market.  I always enjoyed this one.  I put my last bottle in the back of the fridge to let it age a few months just to see what would happen.  From what I could tell nothing really changed in it.  Kinda funny when you drink a beer for the last time makes you think of all the memories.

Goose apparently wanted this beer out of their lineup in order to focus more on Belgian beers.  I think this was short sighted, but then again no one asks me before they make business decisions.  Look for it to make an appearance at the brewpub from time to time, but I doubt it will be the same.





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