Wow-March blew me away.  Very Small Beer had a one month record of 2,770 hits with a one day record of 435 hits on March 28 when the Goose Island buyout story broke.  If you missed it you can still read my initial andmore thoughtful reactions.

A story readers were highly interested in was posted here and here covering the Edgewater Lounge being temporarily shut down.  I wrote the initial post from a smartphone which I never did before.  I am still trying to get the City of Chicago to release the official documents regarding the closure before writing more, but remember clean matters.

Finally, I was a bit disappointed when readers seemed uninterested in New Glarus R&D Golden Ale.  Here is a brewer doing extremely small test batches and asking for feedback.  We do not see that often.

As always if you have a topic you would like explored leave a comment.  Comments are always approved unless they come from rich Nigerian widows looking to sell me a stake in a very important business opportunity. April has my first contest so be sure to enter, and check back tomorrow as I am ready to start seriously tackling the business of beer.


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