Yesterday, I was talking with a group of beer people and we were discussing bars shut down by the health department.  When I wrote about Edgewater being closed a lot of people talked about how it was just the bathrooms.  (btw I did request the sanitation records which have yet to arrive)  We came to a consensus that if the management is not going to clean the toilets they likely are not cleaning draft lines.  A clean draft line is essential to good beer.

Cleveland’s NBC station had this investigative report on draft lines a few weeks ago.

Cleaning lines in states like Ohio is mandatory every two weeks and no bar should really go more than every three, although I think bi-weekly is a better minimum.  Having someone come and clean the line can be a drag on the bottom line, but customers deserve it.

I do not know about you, but if the toilet is not being scrubbed I do not think draft lines are good either.





  1. […] A story readers were highly interested in was posted here and here covering the Edgewater Lounge being temporarily shut down.  I wrote the initial post from a smartphone which I never did before.  I am still trying to get the City of Chicago to release the official documents regarding the closure before writing more, but remember clean matters. […]

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