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I spoke with a  person familiar with The Edgewater Lounge situation.  I was told the restaurant and bar were inspected by the City and given two weeks to shape up or face closure.  They were given a number of small violations to fix.  When the City returned the next week many were fixed and I was told the City found more violations.

Unfortunately, the City being so anxious to take tax dollars has not updated their inspection website since last summer so I have no way of confirming what I was told.  I am taking this story with a grain of salt until I can confirm this.

There is a sign saying they are closed for maintenance and apologizing for the inconvenience.  I am holding out hope the story above is wrong.  I doubt I will ever go back if they can not run a clean ship.  Crossing my fingers that there is not a disgusting explanation.

More information to come when I can get the office Health Department explanation.





  1. […] Posted by SmallTimeDrinker in Beer Bars on March 4, 2011 8:20 am / no comments Hey Northsiders! Edgewater Lounge on N Ashland in Chicago is closed.  Closure was ordered by the Dept of Public Health.  Edgewater is known for their unusually large Rogue selection.  As of now no reason has been publicly disclosed for the closure.  I will update when more information is available. More information available here. […]

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