Well Thanksgiving is upon us and I know many of you have been asked to bring something to a gathering.  Skip the kitchen; bring beer.  This year I decided to take home a brown ale.  Why a brown ale?  Brown ale have a complicated malty aroma, and a toasty caramel flavor.  This flavor/ aroma combination will go well with roasted meats and hearty foods.  Come to think of it, what is on your table?  More than likely a roasted turkey, although I think the combination would still work well for fans of deep fried turkey.

In selecting which beer I would bring I considered a couple factors.  First, I wanted a conversation starter.  I wanted a beer that my non-beer geek family members would be intrigued enough to try and talk about.  Second, I wanted a seriously good beer.

I decided on Flossmoor’s Pullman Brown.  To be honest I did get the beer for free from my bottling day, but Pullman Brown was under consideration prior to that.  This is my conversation starter.  I can look at family and say, “Hey! I helped get that in the bottle.”  This fact alone may intrigue my crazy Uncle Jim who hates beer to give it a try.  Or he may not, he is crazy.  Secondly, Pullman Brown is without a doubt a good beer.  Multiple medals at GABF and WBC make it a solid contender.  Finally, on my bottling day I was telling Flossmoor’s Brewer Bryan that I planned on a brown for the meal.  He agreed it would work.

Please consider a unique beer for the holiday, and if your in Illinois you can look here for a list of places to buy a bottle, and if you live elsewhere find a good brown ale in your neighborhood.

Happy Thanksgiving, and of course please drink responsibly!


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