With a short but ominous tweet brewer Bryan Shimkos left Flossmoor Station Restaurant and Brewery.  His tweet sent out this morning stated:

Love you all. This will be Bryan Shimkos’ last tweet as @Flossmoorbrewer. Please welcome Nick with open arms. Any Chi-town openings??

I have been a fan of Bryan.  I was even able to help him bottle once.  He and I even kicked around the idea of me coming down and brewing a batch together so I could look at the deeper aspects of brewing.  It appears as if he is unemployed and well if you are starting a brewery he is one you should look at.

Nick Barron the new brewer at Flossmoor has been there for some time now, and should carry on the tradition of quality beer.  Good luck to him and to Bryan and hopefully we will see two great breweries come out of this.









  1. […] I did not think Nick would have this much difficulty, but unfortunately it appears that way.  Nick was an assistant brewer at Flossmoor before moving up.  There are rumors the ownership of Flossmoor started to assert influence in the brewhouse.  Undue influence in the brewing process could be hampering quality.  Although an owner should be concerned about quality sometimes an owner’s vision handcuffs a brewers abilities. […]

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