Yes people Chicago craft beer week is coming.  One of the things I do when looking for posts is current search engine queries.  they have been ramped up over the last few days.  Unfortunately, the folks over at Chicago Craft Beer Week do not publish their even schedule until about 3 weeks before the event.  We should know more Tuesday of next week.

Such a shame with people Googling the crap out of it Chicago had the chance to make this a tourism draw.  I think by the time it comes out people from afar might not be willing to make plans.


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  1. Dane Mentzer says:

    Hey there, I really like your site! I just wanted to tell you that we have the official schedule for Craft Beer Week posted on our site, directly from the publicist for the event. We (The Brew Bros) will be covering the event almost in its entirety, starting with the press party this Tuesday at Haymarket.

    The link to the Official schedule is: feel free to link to us or whatever. Thanks!

    The Brew Bros

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