Flossmoor is one of my favorite places to go in Chicago, unfortunately it is too far to just stop by for a quick drink.  I stopped by Flossmoor as part of my annual family pub crawl, and picked up one for the road.  The recipe was reinvented by Todd Ashman in 1996 and later tweaked by Matt Van Wyk.  A few years ago Bryan Shimkos took over, and I am not sure if he tweaked the recipe at all since then.  Although I suspect he put his stamp on it as brewers tend to do.
Tasting Notes:
First off, a very thin head,  which was kind of surprising because the picture in the book had a big thick foamy head.  A very malty nose with lots of chocolate.  First sip was like coffee and chocolate.  The label stated 27 IBUs which indicates a conservative hop flavor.  While the beer is balanced if you are a hop head you will dislike this beer.  Also, for reference sake the beer is labeled “Recipe No. 128.”Pairing Note:
After my initial tasting I had some chocolate covered coffee beans from Kona with it. The two went well together.


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  3. Bryan says:

    No mods were made by Shimkos. Actually it was assumed he did by ownership and part of his reasons for being fired. Too bad they were wrong.

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